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Anticipated 2022 releases

There are already so many books I want to read, and such little time, that why not add more to my list? Here are 28(?) 2022 releases that I am either fully excited for, or cautiously.

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13 Days of Horror | Day Ten | Secret Santa by Andrew Shaffer

Lussi is desperate for a new job after she is let go from her previous publishing company. She has a string of bestselling horror books to her editing bow, so it shouldn't be that hard to find a new company. Sadly, she finds that the lead up to Christmas isn't the ideal time to be job hunting, especially as nothing is released over the holidays. Secret Santa is a festive horror comedy set in the 80's, which doesn't skimp on the nostalgia.

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13 Days of Horror | Day Nine | The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

Carly is meant to be getting ready for college and making decisions about what route she wants her life to follow. She should be doing that, but she just can't stop thinking about her aunt Viv, who disappeared before she was born. The last anyone knew of her was that she was working at The Sun Down Motel when she went missing, so where better to look for answers once and for all?