13 Days of Horror | Day Nine | The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

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Content warnings for: Murder, violence, physical abuse, sexual assault, stalking, mentions of rape and abduction

Carly is meant to be getting ready for college and making decisions about what route she wants her life to follow. She should be doing that, but she just can’t stop thinking about her aunt Viv, who disappeared before she was born. The last anyone knew of her was that she was working at The Sun Down Motel when she went missing, so where better to look for answers once and for all?

Alternating between Viv in 1982 and Carly in 2017, The Sun Down Motel follows their individual stories, each trying to solve a crime. Simone St. James switches between timelines with ease, never causing the reader to lose track of what’s happening. The storylines complement each other as your progress through the interlocking mysteries.

It soon becomes apparent to Carly that her aunt wasn’t the only person to go missing during that time period. There were many missing girls, a lot without believable excuses. Whereas in Viv’s timeline, she believes the missing girls are linked, she believes there’s only one person to blame….

At the heart of this all lies The Sun Down Motel, the motel with a name for itself and a magnet for those wanting to slip under the yes of the law. Carly and Viv quickly get used to the quirks of the motel. The doors that open by themselves, the smell of cigarette that enters the reception office, the freezing cold corridor. They both start to wonder if there’s something more to the motel, something not of this world.

I don’t use the term page-turner lightly when talking about books, but The Sun Down Motel is precisely that. Simone St. James weaves the two stories smoothly whilst keeping you on your toes on every page!

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