13 Days of Horror | Day Four | Night Terrors by Kristen Tomaru

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Content warnings for: Horror elements, monsters under the bed, death

Written and illustrated by the rather talented Kristen Tomaru, Night Terrors is described as a picture book for kids, but don’t let that fool you! Night Terrors is creepy enough to give adults chills.

Night Terrors introduces a whole host of spooky creatures and ghouls plucked straight from your childhood nightmares. Written as a collection of poems, each ‘nightmare’ has its own page complete with well-written rhyme and black and white illustration. From creatures that live under your bed to ones that feast on your brain, Kristen Tomaru will have something to make you uncomfortable.

With Tim Burton vibes, the illustrations throughout Night Terrors will sit in your brain, and even an e-book copy doesn’t diminish the horror! Some monsters have a comedic element (hello toilet bowl monster), but all are eerie and crafted with spookiness in mind. Night Terrors is approx. 16 poems long, which can feel a little samey if reading in one sitting. However, if you are dipping in and out, this is a wonderful read.

I would suggest an age range of at least 11+ to avoid too many additional night terrors. However, if you or your child is a massive fan of Goosebumps style spooks, pick this up!

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