13 Days of Horror | Day Ten | Secret Santa by Andrew Shaffer

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Content warnings for: Murder, violence, gore, demons, haunted dolls

Lussi is desperate for a new job after she is let go from her previous publishing company. She has a string of bestselling horror books to her editing bow, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find a new company. Sadly, she finds that the lead up to Christmas isn’t the ideal time to be job hunting, especially as nothing is released over the holidays. Secret Santa is a festive horror comedy set in the 80’s, which doesn’t skimp on the nostalgia.

During her last chance interview at the distinguished Blackwood-Patterson, she finds out she was never actually in the running but just interviewed as a formality. It seems that all hope is lost when fate intervenes, and Lussi finds herself with the impossible task of finding the next King before Christmas! Just a simple request…

Once she arrives for work, Lussi quickly discovers she doesn’t fit the Blackwood-Patterson mould. Not only is horror far from the literary works they currently put out, but she is an outsider. It isn’t long before she finds herself being targeted by a mean spirited co-worker who is set to play pranks on Lussi.

Making the pranks even worse are the unprecedented workplace accidents that seem to occur, each starting to look less and less like an accident. Lussi soon finds herself questioning everything around her, and perhaps even her sanity, all while trying to find the next big hit!

Light on the comedy, high on the gore, Secret Santa is a great seasonal romp that you will quickly devour.

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