13 Days of Horror | Day Five | Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

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Content warnings for: Attempted rape, incest, drugging, eugenics, forced marriage, child birth, racism, suicide, buried alive, gore, mind control, mentions of miscarriage and child murder
Representation: Latinx MC (Own Voices)

Silvia Moreno-Garcia has yet to write a miss, in my opinion, and Mexican Gothic doesn’t buck the trend! Mexican Gothic oozes homage to some of our favourite gothic horror authors, including characters named after some well-known authors.

Mexican Gothic is set in 1950’s Mexico and follows Noemí, as she is enlisted by her father to check up on her cousin Catalina. Catalina has recently married and moved across the country to live in her new husband’s manor home, along with his family. After receiving letters from Catalina stating that she is either extremely ill or in danger, debutante Noemí grudgingly agrees to visit her cousin and report back.

Steeped in gothic mystery and atmosphere, Mexican Gothic encompasses all the amazing vibes you would expect from a traditional gothic horror. The manor home makes Noemí, and therefore the reader, on edge at every turn, leaving you wondering what is real and what isn’t. Each character is so well written, Noemí is a feisty, honest woman who grates against every other character she encounters. Once she arrives at the manor house, you can’t help but question who can be trusted and who could be lying to Noemí.

Delving into some serious topics such as incest, eugenics, forced marriage and racism, Mexican Gothic indeed plays on your mind after you flip the final page. Silvia Moreno-Garcia brings the house to life, letting it serve as the main character throughout, providing additional unease as the story progresses.

Whilst this may not satisfy a modern western horror fan, Mexican Gothic is a well-crafted piece of horror deserving of all the accolades it has received and will receive. 

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