13 Days of Horror | Day Seven | Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

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Content warnings for: Bullying, gore, attempted murder, clowns, death of a parent, child murder, torture
Representation: LGBTQIA+

If you are a fan of amazing 90’s slashers and enjoy a small-town mystery with a topping of gore, look no further than Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare.

Quinn and her father move to small-town Kettle Springs following her mother’s death, and her fathers need to start afresh. Just like any other small town in America, the citizens of the town rely heavily on the local factory. However, Baypen Corn Syrup Factory has shut down, leaving Kettle Springs in a whole heap of trouble. The town has completely fractured. The adults want to make Kettle Springs great again, while the teens want to have fun and get out of town asap.

When Baypen Corn Syrup’s mascot Frendo the clown is seen with weapons one night, it becomes quite apparent that someone wants to teach the teens a lesson and will go to any lengths to teach it. Including murder, torture, and a general culling of anyone who live streams their day!

Full of homages to 80’s horror and early 90’s slashers, Clown in a Cornfield is a true gem in the YA horror-comedy genre. Was Adam Cesare’s plan to comment on dying American towns? Or to touch on the Millennial/Boomer culture war? I don’t know, but what I do know is that Clown in a Cornfield is fun, addictive, and unputdownable.

It doesn’t get better than this for a horror beginner, Clown in a Cornfield has been crafted by someone with a serious love of the genre, and it reads that way.

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