Series: Revival
Title: You’re Among Friends
Story by:
Tim Seeley
Art by: Mike Norton
Issues collected: #1-5
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Image Comics
Publishing Date: 2015

Who should read this: Fans of horror, Someone who wants to see a different version of the standard zombie

Rating: 5 Stars, Pick up this series!

What if the dead just carried on?

For one day the dead get back up. For some, the only difference is that they were dead, for others, they didn’t come back quite the same. Some of the living are convinced this is a sign of the rapture, whilst others believe the revived hold the key to eternal life. Revival is about the aftermath for the risen dead, and their loved ones. How do you carry on as normal if your walking, talking loved one had died?

Revival follows a handful of characters with their own stories that tie into the risen dead. From a cop trying to solve a murder, a young reporter who ‘broke the story’, a ‘demonologist’ who can see a large payday and everyone in between. This small rural town holds many secrets. The big question is what determines who revives, and how they revive?

The artwork provided by Mike Norton is exceptional, giving a clear tone and voice to each character. The story is interspersed with some almost dreamlike scenes, inlcuding a characters creative writing. These are illustrated in their own unique beautiful way.

To pick up your own copy: Buy here*

*This is an affliate link. If you buy through this link, you pay the same,
but I may receive a small percentage of the sale

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