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Review | Her body and other parties by Carmen Maria Machado

This 2017 short story collection by Carmen Maria Machado flawlessly blends elements of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Drama, leaving the reader uneasy and on edge. Written in an almost melodic way, each story delves into a different situation in which a woman has her body or sanity questioned. Unflinching in its portrayal of horror and sexual content Her body and other parties demands you question how society treats women.

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Graphic Novel Review | Revival, Volume 1

For one day the dead get back up. For some, the only difference is that they were dead, for others, they didn't come back quite the same. Some of the living are convinced this is a sign of the rapture, whilst others believe the revived hold the key to eternal life. Revival is about the aftermath for the risen dead, and their loved ones. How do you carry on as normal if your walking, talking loved one had died?

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Manga Review | Kakushigoto; My dad’s secret ambition, Volume 1

Kakushi Goto is a successful manga artist for a rather raunchy series, one which he desperately doesn’t want his 10 year old daughter to find out about. Leaving the house every morning in his suit, Kakushi Goto hopes to avoid Hime Goto finding out about his big secret.

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Review | The Bronze Bear by Jerry A. Greenberg

Set during the first world war The Bronze Bear by Jerry A. Greenberg follows Fred Warrenton, a shy and intelligent boy, who at the age of 18 is drafted into the army. He quickly finds himself fighting on the front line in France, concerned not only for his life, but also those of his new friends. It is whilst behind the lines that Fred meets an older French lady who gives him a small bronze bear, telling him that it will protect him as long as he truly believes in its power. The Bronze Bear tells the story of a young man's journey to gain self confidence and to take steps towards what he wants in life.

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Graphic Novel Review | The Walking Dead, Volume 1

The world ended whilst Rick was asleep. Following a shoot out, Rick Grimes wakes from a coma alone in the hospital. He quickly realises that all has changed and humanity will never be the same again, something has infected the human race and made them monsters! With no knowledge beyond what Rick discovers, The Walking Dead takes you on a journey into the unknown that leaves you questioning who are the real monsters.