Manga Review | Kakushigoto; My dad’s secret ambition, Volume 1

Series: Kakushigoto; My dad’s secret ambition
Story by:
Kouji Kumeta
Art by: Kouji Kumeta
Issues collected: #1-30
Genre: Comedy
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publishing Date: 2016

Who should read this: Anyone looking for a comedic, slice of life manga.

Rating: 4 Stars

[I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review]

How do you keep your career a secret?

Kakushi Goto is a successful manga artist for a rather raunchy series, one which he desperately doesn’t want his 10 year old daughter to find out about. Leaving the house every morning in his suit, Kakushi Goto hopes to avoid Hime Goto finding out about his big secret.

KAKUSHINGOTO follows a few different storylines involving some truly fun characters, from Kakushi Goto’s staff, to Hime Goto’s teacher. Additionally, as a single dad, Kakushi Goto is seen as quite a catch by most of the ladies he interacts with, which leads to some very amusing misunderstandings.

The art style is sleek, with a fun element throughout, with the panels being easy to follow. Whilst the volume is black and white, the beginning and end parts are in colour using a simple colour palette  which reflects the story nicely.

You also learn alot about the manga world throughout this volume; the editors’ side, and even the influx of knock off merchandise. Kouji Kumeta even pops in to share his experiences and thoughts as a manga author. 

The overall arc of the first volume in this series was very entertaining, with characters that I genuinely care for, and so I will definitely be hunting down the next volume in this series.

To pick up your own copy: Buy here*

*This is an affliate link. If you buy through this link, you pay the same,
but I may receive a small percentage of the sale

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