I recently put together my stats for 2019, and it got me thinking about my favourites of last year.
Tell me your favourites in the comments!


Honestly, my year ended on an absolute high in terms of books. I carried out the bulk of my reading in the last quarter, and read some serious gems! The following 4 books really blew me away, and some surprised me with how much I loved them. I already know I will re-read them at some point.


Andrew Cull

Format: Kindle, June 2nd 2018

‘Bones’ brings together four chilling ghost stories by award winning writer-director Andrew Cull. Four monsters collected in paperback for the first time.

A collection of ghost stories which are truly brilliant! I had chills reading these, and they were defiantly well suited to a short story format. I genuinely enjoyed how they were written and will be checking out Andrew Cull’s new book Remains.


The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
Stuart Turton

Format: Kindle, September 18th 2018

Tonight, Evelyn Hardcastle will be killed… again.
It is meant to be a celebration but it ends in tragedy. As fireworks explode overhead, Evelyn Hardcastle, the young and beautiful daughter of the house, is killed.
But Evelyn will not die just once.

This book honestly took me by surprise, expecting a complicated murder mystery, this did not disappoint – it surpassed my expectations!
There is a complex cast, which can feel overwhelming, but it is certainly worth putting the energy into this book. It is defiantly not a complacent read if you want to follow the storyline. It grabs you and draws you in!
As soon as I finished this book, I wanted to re-read to see if I could pick up on anything I may have missed first time.
Read my full review here.


Rules for Vanishing
Kate Alice Marshall

Format: Kindle, September 24th 2019

Once a year, the path appears in the forest and Lucy Gallows beckons. Who is brave enough to find her–and who won’t make it out of the woods?

I saw a review for this on a booktube account, and was intrigues by the premise of a path that only appears once a year. I decided to give it a read over Christmas, and I am so glad I did. I have been enjoying horror books recently (being a big horror film lover, it was about time) and this was a wonderful book that I read in three days.
A mix of mystery, horror and fantasy, I cannot over hype how much I enjoyed this book, and the world it built.
Based on a group of friends who are trying to locate a missing friend/sister on the path. Rules for Vanishing asks the question how far would you go to save a loved one?
Put together as a collection of first person, correspondence and interviews, the book actually flowed really well. Pick it up and try it already! **


What she found in the woods
Josephine Angelini

Format: Kindle, July 25th 2019

Running from a scandal at her New York private school, Magdalena heads to her family home to recover under the radar. Over-medicated and under-confident, she’s fearful she’ll never escape her past.
Until she meets Bo out hiking. Wild, gorgeous and free, he makes her believe she might finally be able to move on. But when a mutilated body is discovered in the woods, Magdalena realises she can’t trust anyone.
Not even herself.

I wanted a quick trashy read for the end of the year in the Christmas – New Year period. I saw this cover and borrowed it, not reading the description at all.
The first few chapters made me think, Oh cute, a unrealistic love story, fun. This book is in no way as trashy as I assumed, this YA thriller had me gripped until the very last page. I was convinced I knew where the plot was heading, only to have it take a completely different direction.
Just all kinds of yes on this weaving story! **

** Trigger warnings on: Violence, Violence to animals, suicide, self harm, drug use, mental health spirals

T.V Shows


The Witcher

Genre: Fantasy, Action

I haven’t yet finished this season, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. The Witcher is rich in lore, but wastes no time in spoon-feeding it to you. It is full of destiny, battles and magic, and I anticipate a second season already.
The negative of The Witcher is something that most fantasy shows have an issue with – gratuitous naked women. If you can look last that though, it is a great t.v show.


American Horror Story 1984

Genre: Horror, Anthology, Supernatural

This show has had its up and downs over its nine season run (emphasis on the downs), but 1984 was brilliant.
It had all the charm of season one, in a fun setting. The cast were actually enjoyable, despite almost non of the original cast being involved.
It had a fabulous amount of gore, and I would put it in my top five seasons.



Genre: Black Comedy, Fantasy, Action

The second and last season of Happy! came out this year and it somehow upped the crazy from season one. Based on a comic, Happy! follows Nick Sax as he starts seeing a child’s imaginary friend, Happy – the blue winged unicorn.
This show is completely off the wall and entirely enjoyable!


The Handmaid’s Tale

Genre: Dystonian Dram

I finally started this show in 2019, and wow. It made me feel things; anger, fury, nausea and hauntingly relevant to our current climate.
This is on my TBR for January and the show has honestly burrowed into my brain and wont leave!




Genre: Drama, Supernatural Horror

I finally got around to watching this, and it was even better than I thought it would be.
This particular film is hard to discuss without spoilers, but I will say it is defiantly a family drama, with horror elements.



Genre: Physiological Horror

If you need a storyline spelt out to you, Mother! is not for you. However if you want a beautifully shot film that makes you think, I recommend Mother! *


The Ritual

Genre: Supernatural Horror

Four university friends go on a trip in Sweden, one to help heal some wounds, however it does not go to plan in any way.
This is a fantastic horror which you should definitely try! *

* Trigger warnings on: Violence, murder, gaslighting, mental health spirals

What were your 2019 favourites?

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