Christmas Films to watch

I’ve watched the Netflix ‘Festive Favourites’ so you don’t have to! So, in no particular order, these are the picks you should watch over the festive period.

*Full disclosure: I did not make it through quite a few of the Netflix originals

The Man who invented Christmas

The Man who invented Christmas follows Charles Dickens as he tries to write his next hit A Christmas Carol after many flops.


Arthur Christmas

Arthur must deliver a present after his dad, Santa Claus, forgets one of his list!


Angela’s Christmas

A short, but sweet film in which Angela decides the baby Jesus in the church nativity is cold on Christmas Eve.


The Magic Snowflake

This adorable French tale tells of Nicholas who must take over for Santa following his retirement. The prequel is also available on Netflix Santa’s Apprentice. The linework in this animation is not to be missed.



A teacher must run his school’s nativity play.


The Christmas Chronicles

After a brother and sister stow away on Santa’s sleigh and cause him to crash, they must help him save Christmas before the night is out.


The Holiday Calendar

Another cheesy Netflix film that somehow works, Abby is given a wooden advent calendar that gives an object daily – one which seems to predict her future.


Bonus – Love Actually

Whilst this is set at Christmas, I don’t actually consider it to be a Christmas film (Die Hard debate anyone?).
Love Actually follows an ensemble of people as they try to find love in the few months leading up the Christmas.


What are you watching over the holidays?

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