Gift Wrapping Ideas

In our environmentally aware world, it’s becoming more and more apparent that many things we use are just not good for the world as a whole. One of those things is wrapping paper, you may not be aware of this, but wrapping paper cannot be recycled. And, when you think about how much is thrown away over the Christmas period it is something we should reconsider.

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In order to try and create ‘not so wasteful’ wrapping paper, I opted for a simple brown Kraft paper which can be recycled. I decided on the main bulk of the wrapping to be Kraft paper, and then to embellish with smaller things that could be kept after!

I also used washi tape instead of any other option, as it can be easily peeled off before disposing of the paper 🙂
(I have seen wonderful stamp and paint tutorials for using brown paper, however that renders the paper as un-recyclable).


Washi tape banner

This is such a simple one to make, but it looks so fun! Wrap some twine around your gift (tape at the back with washi tape), then simply wrap little squares of washi tape to the twine, and trim into cute little flags.
Use Christmas tape or whatever colour scheme you think the recipient will appreciate.



Another simple idea, that looks very elegant. Just take a sprig of holly, or mistletoe, or something festive and tie onto your gift with a ribbon.



This idea takes a little more work, cut out lots of circles (a large hole punch will make this alot easier). Glue together in a row with a piece of twine running through – play around with different sizes, colours and shapes.
Tie onto some twine wrapped around the top of the gift.



I used this tutorial to make these paper medallions, which I attached to the gifts in different ways!


Paper Bows

I amended this tutorial to make some paper bows – I used thicker paper which resulted in a different look, but I love how they turned out.

Like the gift tag stickers I’ve used? You can pick up an 18 pack in my shops – Order before 11am Thursday 20th to receive your order before Christmas!



How do you plan on wrapping your Christmas gifts? Share your pictures below!

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