Wow, 2019! It barely seems a few months since 2018 started, so much has happened for me in the last year – I became a mum and started on an amazing adventure. Being a mum, for me, meant that I got really disorganised, like REALLY disorganised! Every day is a crazy mess of following baby’s ques and just having fun (through my sleep deprived eyes).

So this year I decided I wanted to get back a small part of my pre-motherhood life, starting with Bullet Journaling. I love to use a Bullet Journal, and lost track of it over 2018.

Even though I had over half a book left in last years journal, I decided to treat myself to a new journal for 2019. I picked up this gorgeous dot page journal from Lemome.

Images from Instagram


The Basics

I decided to get simple with my basic journal elements this year, I can always add to it if I want in the future.


Future Log


Logging this year’s reading


Logging this year’s viewing


Getting serious about my finances


I decided to carry the clean simple geometric vibes through to my monthly’s as well. For my monthly page, I left space to add a running to-do list and any appointments.

I’m going to try putting my trackers on the weekly pages instead of as a month run on the monthly spread, it may be easier to remember to use them this way!

I’m using my own sticker packs to make the pages more fun! Pick up your own here.

Blog Plan’s

I want to take my blog more seriously this year and post regularly – as I did throughout December. My current plan is to post on Wednesday and Friday, with any additional on Fridays or Sunday’s. But the plan is that I will have at least 2 posts a week! (Subject to baby letting me work 😉 )

What content would you like to see? More Beauty, Lifestyle, Motherhood, Storytime? Bring back book reviews? Let me know over on my Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below!

I also want to create more artwork, so please favourite my shop on Etsy, and follow me over on my Social Media’s to keep up-to-date!

The Future

I am going to share my Bullet Journal flip through at the end of each month, so make sure to pop back to see my February spread, and see my January spreads in use!

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