Goodreads Challenge 2016/2017



This year I set myself the challenge to start reading again. When I was younger I was a huge bookworm, however as I got older I started to fall out of love with it.

This year I wanted to re-capture my love of reading and I have defiantly succeeded!


  I will be closing the year surpassing my aim of reading 24 books, and I could not be happier. Click on the image to visit my Goodreads page.



So now is the time to decide on my goals for next year. I have picked a couple already that I wish to work on/towards:

To read 36 books

To read some autobiographies/memoirs – Top of my list are Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking and Anna Kendricks’ Scrappy Little Nobody

To make a dent in my very large TBR pile

Read some more classics (ties into the TBR pile goal)

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