The front cover of book 'Echoes in the Dark' by P.L. McMillan

Title: Echoes in the Dark
P.L. McMillan
Cover artist: P.L. McMillan
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Publisher: Salt Heart Press
Age Range: Adult
Publishing Date: 2022

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Trigger warnings: mentions of Death, murder, domestic abuse

“Speak. The trees are listening. They have always listened to us”
Echoes in the Dark is a short story collection, featuring tales of suspense, horror, loss, and the macabre.

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Ranging that one to nine pages, this short story collection contains four macabre stories that leave you feeling uneasy after you put the book down:

Family Roots: An orchard whose trees listen.
Unseen Cost: A man gets his sight back.
Affirmations: Live, laugh, kill.
Warm: A haunting scent, a memory. 

P.L. McMillan is able to draw the reader in despite the short length of the stories. Channelling the macabre of horror author’s past, a lot of what makes these stories eerie is not overt in nature. Rather it is the atmosphere she is able to build throughout these small sections.

Each story ends without a solid conclusion, leaving you free to let your imagination do the rest. I found that the unease carried with me after I finished reading, and even a few days later when I thought about the book again.

Final Thoughts

I love short stories with horror elements, and really feel that Echoes in the Dark captured what makes them work so well! This collection is not for those who need gore and violence to make horror, but for those who appreciate the atmosphere, and the disquiet often associated with fantastic horror authors’ who helped build the genre.

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