Chew, Volume 5 ‘Major League Chew’ | Graphic Novel Review

The front cover of graphic novel Vol 5 Chew 'Major League Chew'

Series: Chew
Title: Major League Chew
Story by:
John Layman
Art by: Rob Guillory
Issues collected: #21-25
Genre: Crime
Publisher: Image Comics
Publishing Date: 2012

Diverse and LGBTQIA+

Tony Chu is a detective with a strange secret, as a Cibopath he can get physic impressions from whatever he eats. This helps make him an impressive detective, as long as he doesn’t mind taking a bite of a corpse for two!
Get ready to enter the fascinating world of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), full of bizarre food powers, sick crimes, and the aftermath of a bird pandemic that has outlawed chicken of all kinds.

Graphic novel Vol 5 Chew 'Major League Chew' on a bed

Major League Chew

Mike Applebee has finally got what he has wanted since meeting Tony Chu, Tony has been fired! Reassigned to a traffic cop, Tony is surprised to find that he absolutely loves it, especially his new boss who is the complete opposite of Applebee. However, while on a normal work day Tony finds himself kidnapped by a group of sports fans who have dreams of their own. They want to write a book about the sordid secrets of famous baseball players who have died, and they need Tony’s help!

Life isn’t just falling apart for Tony, as John has been transferred to the USDA to be teamed up with a cyborg lion. Additionally, Olive has also been kidnapped, though not for the same nefarious reasons as Tony. With no one able to help, it’s down to Amelia to get to the bottom of where Tony is, and how she can help him escape.

This volume continues the crazy adventures of Tony Chu, and his friends as they navigate the crazy world, including the planting of seeds that will pay off in future volumes.

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Abilities introduced in Major League Chew

Effervinductors can control people through messages in their coffee foam.

Xocoscalperes sculpt chocolate, in a way that accurately mimics its real-life counterparts, including weapons!

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