Review Policy

Hi there! I am so honoured that you would like me to review your book. Please take a look at my policy to see if we will be a good fit for each other.

What I accept:
– Beta Reads (I can only accommodate so many on a voluntary basis, please reach out to book me in! Want to hire me? Check out my Fiverr gigs)
– ARC’s
– Finished Copy
– Indie/Self published books, and small presses

Formats I accept:
– EBook
– Physical (I am UK based)
– Audio

Genres/Age Range I accept:
I read any age range of book as long as it sounds interesting and falls under any of my preferred genres. My top genres are Horror, Fantasy, SCI-Fi, and almost all their subgenres. Additionally I am always on the look out for anything by own voices, or authors of colour, and female, or nonbinary authors. I do read Non fiction, but can be quite picky about what I pick up.

Genrally I tend to not pick up romance, unless it is LGBTQIA+, second chance, single parents, or featuring POC or plus size rep. Please do not reach out for anything that falls under historical fiction.

What to send me if requesting a review/beta read, etc:

– A book summary
– Any content or trigger warnings
– Any relevant dates or deadlines (espeically if you have a firm/expected timeframe for reviews)
– Any additional places you would like a review shared beyond my blog, i.e. Instagram, Tiktok, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.
– If you have any particular reason why you think I would enjoy your book

What to expect from me:
If we agree that I will review your book, I will endevour to read and review your book in a timely manner (however occasionally life can get in the way – I will keep you updated should anything change). Your review will be an honest review, so please be open for any potential critical views. Please let me know if you would like a star rating, as this isn’t something I always automatically add into a review. My go-to social media review place is The Storygraph, although this can get behind on times.

Want to get in contact? Email me

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