13 Days of Horror Review | Day nine | Locke & Key; Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

“Nothing can hurt you when you’re dead. Nothing bad happens to you.”

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Written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key Volume One Welcome to Lovecraft is a wonderful debut into this horror-fantasy series (now a Netflix show).

Following a family trauma, the Locke family move to the family’s mansion Keyhouse, located on an island in Lovecraft. Whilst relocating to seek refuge, and find somewhere for the family to heal, they instead find themselves caught up in forces beyond their control.

As the series title suggests, doors and their corresponding keys play a pivotal role throughout this volume (and presumably the subsequent volumes), with many of the panels highlighting some wonderfully illustrated doors from the Keyhouse. Even more impressive is the design of some of the keys throughout this volume, which will definitely make you pause to look at the detail Gabriel Rodriguez put into them.

The story itself draws you in so quickly, with the gore/horror aspect taking place in the first few pages. Whilst there is not an abundance of gore through Welcome to Lovecraft when it is used, it is to great effect, jumping out when you are not expecting it. The suspense weaved into this story is perfect at creating an atmosphere that keeps you reading more. Joe Hill has proven himself a masterful author of suspense, and character-building with Locke & Key, with the horror panels, in particular, working amazingly well.

4.5 Stars

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13 days of horror_book review_Locke & Key; Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez_talireads.com

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