13 Days of Horror Review | Day five | One by One by Ruth Ware

“Suddenly I know what this is. I know what is happening. This is an ambush.
No. That’s not the right word.
This is a coup.”

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Shareholders and directors of hot new music app Snoop make their way to a luxury ski resort chalet for a make or break corporate retreat, when in-between skiing, the future of the company will be decided. A billion-dollar buyout is on the table, but not everyone wants to take it. As the ten Snoop employees join hosts Danny and Erin at the resort, tensions are bubbling beneath the surface. However, when a board member goes missing on the slopes, followed by an avalanche that cuts everyone off from help, the group needs to seriously consider if one of their members is in fact a murderer.

This new release by Ruth Ware is big on atmosphere, leaving you feeling on edge and bordering claustrophobic after each page. One by One alternates from two perspectives, Liz of the Snoop group, and Erin the resort host. Each gives a unique insight into the events taking place at the luxury chalet, Saint Antoine. 

Something that Ruth Ware excels at is a complicated female character, one which is utterly flawed in a completely realistic way. I find this often lacking in novels, with females being only important when tied to a male or following the ‘strong female character’ trope. However, Ruth Ware explores her female characters in a way that more authors should take note of.

As a thriller One by One takes inspiration from classic ‘whodunnits’ such as And then there were none by Agatha Christie. The idea of characters being trapped at a remote location as someone starts ‘bumping them off’ can seem quite formulaic, but Ruth Ware attempts to put her own spin on the concept throughout One by One. Does it hit the sweet spot? For me, it didn’t, but it was an enjoyable read regardless. I will definitely be picking up more by Ruth Ware in the future (having already read and enjoyed The Turn of the Key).

3 Stars

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13 days of horror_book review_One by One by Ruth Ware_talireads.com

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