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13 Days of Horror Review | Day three | Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories by Mariana Enriquez

“Court employees whispered that she was “well-preserved” for her age. She detested those murmurings; she wasn’t flattered, they offended her. She didn’t want to be beautiful, she wanted to be strong and razor-sharp.”

13 Days of
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13 days of horror_book review_Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories by Mariana
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This translated short story collection by Mariana Enriquez, takes the best of gothic horror, body horror, feminist literature, and mixes them into this intriguing macabre collection, topped with a political bow.

Mariana Enriquez takes the corruption and inequality of many in Argentina and turns their fears into these unsettlingly gruesome stories. Each of these makes you question something that you either may never have considered or will now view differently. Somehow each story takes these disturbing plots and approaches them with such haunting beauty that you cannot stop reading.

Across these 12 stories, voices are given to those who are often forgotten, from homeless children to victims of the corrupt police. Mariana Enriquez does not hold back in holding these stories up and screaming, this is not ok.

4 Stars

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13 days of horror_book review_Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories by Mariana

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