Jan Stats

7 Books Read
7/52 Year Goal
5 PopSugar Books Read
1 Book Riot Books Read

2 three stars
2 four stars
1 four 1/2 stars
2 five stars

Best of the month:
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Worst of the month:
The Island by M.A. Bennett

The books at a glance

3 stars

This book shouldn’t be entertaining, but somehow is. M.A. Bennett struggles to write likeable characters, and Lincoln comes across as a know it all brat!

3 stars

Another M.A. Bennett with another main character that should be likeable, but has quite a few annoying traits.

4 stars

My first Agatha Christie, and I will be reading more. Agatha Christie weaves the individual characters well, and offers up some great red herrings.

4 stars

A legal thriller set around climate change. Not only does this have a great mystery at the centre of it, but it makes you think in regards to the future of climate change.

4.5 stars

This book was fantastic, based around multiple characters Naomi Alderman gives each their individual voice, showing the far reaching repercussions of their choices.

5 stars

On this Harry Potter re-read I have seen Harry in a completely different way. I really enjoyed this and appreciate Harry’s predicament this time round.

5 stars

This reads so well, almost like poetry. Our main character finds the details in everything, and it is a wonderful read to follow along with her.

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