This year I have decided to combine my love of reading and bullet journals. I have created my own Book Journal and am going to share a few snapshots of it today!

What to include?

When creating your own book journal the first thing to decide is what you want it to include. I wanted to use mine to track what books I’m reading and provide a space for a mini review. Whilst I can do this on Goodreads, I wanted something I could look back on in the future, and there’s no guarantee that Goodreads will still be going.


I wanted a place to track the Popsugar Reading Challenge I am doing this year, as well as making note of what books I want to read each month for the Book Group!

Monthly Reads

I have included space to note down my TBR each month (and will factor in a wrap up at the end of each month).


I have allocated space for mini reviews for each book I read.

How are you tracking your books?

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