I wanted to create a round-up of my 2019 media that I consumed as I logged alot of it in apps! What apps do you use?


This year I have been logging my film viewing on Letterboxd to see what I’ve been watching. So what’s the data?

This year I watched 107 films (A great deal of which were horror!)

Of those I rated them as below:

0.5 Stars – 5 Films
1 Star – 4 Films
1.5 Stars – 8 Films
2 Stars – 9 Films
2.5 Stars – 12 Films
3 Stars – 16 Films
3.5 Stars – 9 Films
4 Stars – 23 Films
4.5 Stars – 8 Films
5 Stars – 7 Films
and 6 films I forgot to rate.

T.V Shows

I logged my T.V Shows on TV Time, although it is not a great app, and may look for a new one this year.

I watched a total of 2 months, 11 hours and 40 minutes of T.V shows across 2019.

Although I watched some shows that are not on T.V Time, it also got sick of the amount of times I watched Archer and decided I could only list it as watched once!


Of course I used GoodReads to log and track my books over 2019.
I read 39 books in my goal of 12!

GoodReads gives you a fantastic overview of your book stats.
Such as:

The Shortest book I read was 176 pages, and the longest 870 pages.
In total I read 13,615 pages!

What did you watch/read in 2019? Do you use any of the above apps – Drop your username in the comments below.

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