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Portside Soap Company Review

Have you switched to bars yet? They are hands down my favourite thing to use in the bathroom, they smell delicious, are stripped down of unnecessary chemicals and are better for the environment!
I buy most of mine at a local shop who have recently opened up a website for anyone not close by – Portside Soap Company!

Sugar Scrub

– £7 –

I picked up this sugar scrub in Pinapple Mango and it smells absolutely delicious, the moment you open the tub you almost want to eat the scrub! The perfect summer scent!
The scrub is a vibrant mix of orange and yellow, which looks fabulous on your shelf!
Simply scoop some scrub out and rub onto your skin for it to gently foam up as it exfoliates. As it foams, the scrub can also be used for washing or shaving with – creating a perfect three in one product!

If you live local take the plastic tub back in and use their refill station, and come away with a full tub for £2 off! If not local, be sure to look into other uses for the tub, or even donate to a company that can use it!


Whipped Soap

– £7 –

A wonderful mix of scents, this Mermaid whipped soap is certainly something you wont forget! A fragrant blend of jasmine, cashmere and amber, it is a luxurious melody of blues, turquoise and a silver shimmer! The soap is so creamy and soft to touch, pop some onto your bath sponge/loofah and watch it foam up, ready for use.
After using you are left with moisturised skin that holds the scent, simply wonderful!


Shower Gel

– £3.75 or 3 for £10 –

One of the wonderful things that you can’t leave the store without is a solid shower soap, like this lemon one that I have. I have been working my way through their offerings, which is taking a while as these bars last for months! The wonderful thing about bars is that whilst they can seem expensive compared to a liquid shower gel, they will last many more showers.
When I get to the end of the bar and have many little pieces, I put them in a soap bag which means the whole lot gets used.
This lemon bar smells wonderful, meaning I can smell it as soon as I enter the bathroom. It isn’t overpowering on your skin though and leaves a faint lingering scent. It also makes your skin so lovely and soft.



– £4.95 –

Shampoo bars are another product that can seem expensive, but the amount of use you get out of them actually proves otherwise! I wash my hair a maximum of twice a week and these bars last at least four months.
I wanted to look after my hair better and around 6/7 years ago experimented with ‘no poo’, after trailing lots of different options I found that shampoo bars are perfect for me! Low on the chemicals I wanted to avoid, they are moisturising without being heavy or greasy on your hair. They actually leave your hair much healthier over time, although their is a detox period (as with all changes to your skincare/haircare routine).
I was a firm fan of the Lush shampoo bars until I tried this one! Oh my, this bar (I can’t remember what it is called) smells amazing! It lathers up so easily and only requires a small amount to run through all my hair. Once rinsed out, my hair has so much volume and is softer than it has been previously!
I got this handmade shampoo dish from Portside for £4.95.


Bath Bomb

– £3.75 –

Scented of plum and mulberry, the Unicorn Horn Truffle Bomb (yes I already used some of this bomb including the horn 😉 ) smells delightful! Between this and the lemon shower bar the scent in my bathroom reminds me of the store itself!
This bath bomb is made with cocoa butter which leaves your skin so soft after your bath, as well as leaving a lovely scent on your skin. As they are so big I tend to break them up and use them for a few baths, unless I want serious luxury.


Bath Dust

– £4.25 –

Bath dust is a large box of broken up bath bombs, meaning you can dust in as little, or as much as you want! I picked the Dino box up and it makes my bath a gorgeous swirl of blue and greens.
One of my favourite things about this dust is that it is allergen free, and safe to be used in any baths my little one crashes!

3 thoughts on “Portside Soap Company Review”

  1. All of these products sound fab Natali! I’ve not tired anything like the whipped soap before. I can imagine it has quite a strange texture to it. Eeek! We don’t really have anything like this near us, not that I know of anyway, so I might take a little look on their website & do some ordering. The sugar scrub sounds amazing!!!!



    1. The whipped soap felt weird, to begin with, but it is so soft I love it! The sugar scrub smells so amazing, I can’t wait to try another one when it runs out 🙂 x


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