Shows to watch -


What do you do to keep yourself sane whilst looking after a newborn?

In my case I have been watching a lot of shows, finally getting around to ones I have been meaning to view, and continuing with ones I haven’t had time to catch up on until now.
Between Netflix and Amazon, I have had a lot of options and have been making quite a dent in my ‘to watch’ list. I find its great to have something on in the background whilst I go about my day – read: change nappies, breastfeed and change clothes which have been vomited on :p. However, these are the ones that have caught my attention enough that they haven’t been background shows.

Shameless USA

I loved the original Shameless, so thought I would give the USA version a shot. The first series caught my attention as it is so close to the first series of Shameless. I really enjoyed their take on the characters, keeping them close to the originals but different enough that they feel fleshed out.

I’ve powered through six series in the last month and am still enjoying the storylines, especially as they have deviated from the original series.

Jessica Jones

My partner and I have caught up on the few Netflix Marvel shows we hadn’t yet watched – Iron Fist, The Defenders, Jessica Jones and are currently watching The Punisher.

They have had their ups and downs, but I thoroughly enjoyed the second series of Jessica Jones. I loved the first series, primarily because of David Tennants fantastic Kilgrave. The second series wasn’t quite as thrilling as the first, and the enclusion of Alisa was a little boring (avoiding spoilers).

Overall though I really enjoyed this series and find Jessica and Daredevil to be the most enjoyable Netflix Marvel characters to watch.

Shows to watch -

Shows to watch -

Criminal Minds

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a crime show junkie. I will never skip past CSI: Las Vegas, Midsomer Murders or Death in Paradise.

I started watching Criminal Minds a few years back and while browsing through my list thought I would watch it again.

Each episode follows the team as they build a profile on an ‘unsub’ (unknown subject) and try to track down the murderer/rapist/kidnapper, etc. The only downside is that you can’t watch too many episodes in a row without feeling down about the world. So best to pace this show ;).


Another crime show that I love is Bones. I am an avid reader of Kathy Reichs and instantly loved the show based on her books.

The characters are all well written and likable, even the recurring roles. For me, it is one of the few shows that has managed to keep the characters progressing despite being in double figures for the series.


Somehow another crime show on the list! This one I would define as a crime comedy. It follows a crime writer who follows the police to get inspiration.

Rick Castle keeps the show entertaining whilst the squad investigates murders. The murders themselves usually allow the cast to delve into something, such as magic, illegal gambling, gang fights and more.

Shows to watch -

What have you been watching recently? What would you recommend?

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