Life changes – Newborn

Life Changes - Newborn -


Usually I have a good idea of what I want to write about/share with my blog posts, however, I have struggled to decide on what I wanted to create a post about this week. I think it’s because I have had three weeks off and have found my life completely changed and flipped on its head.

Three weeks ago, early in the morning on Wednesday 21st Feb, our gorgeous boy came into the world. He didn’t arrive in the way we planned, but everything was worth it to hold my baby boy in my arms.


Isaac is now three weeks old and has already surprised me with how much he has grown! I don’t just mean physically – He has already outgrown so many onesies, but emotionally. He now grabs stuff on purpose and not just by mistake, can hold eye contact and is starting to become aware of voices and sounds around him. Watching Isaac turn his head to follow his dad’s voice is amazing.



Life Changes - Newborn -


It’s surprising how quickly you adapt to life with a newborn. I’ve gone from loads of daily naps, playing video games and lots of coffee catch ups, to functioning on no sleep and not being able to plan my days as a certain baby boy runs them 🙂

My days are now full of nappies, cuddles, pink feet, soft hair and tiny fingers and I could not be happier with it. I have spent so many hours just staring at his gorgeous face, playing with his toes or picturing his future. I no longer remember what my life was like before, now it is a juggling act, learning to do everything one-handed – Even writing this post one-handed with Isaac balancing on my lap!



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