Baby Prep Favourites -


Getting ready for a baby is so hectic. There are reams of ‘must have’ items and more advice than you know what to do with, it can be so overwhelming, especially for a first-time parent.

My partner and I have picked out the things we think are important and will get additional stuff as and when we need it. Below are some of my favourite things that we currently have. Whenever I have been feeling nervous over the last few months, I’ve found looking at the adorable clothes we have for baby has helped!


Our child has more bodysuits and onesies that he/she will likely be able to wear before growing out of them! I couldn’t help but pick up anything cute that I found. These are some of my favourites that I can’t wait to see on baby 🙂

Baby Prep Favourites

Similar here

Baby Prep Favourites -


Baby Prep Favourites -

Here (which I also own 😀 )


How ADORABLE is this sleepbag? I can already picture baby being all comfy and sleepy in it, it makes me so excited!

Baby Prep Favourites -

From Nutmeg (Morrisons) – Similar here


How lovely are these going to be for baby after a little evening bath?

Baby Prep Favourites -

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Muslin Squares

As well as the 100’s of plain muslin squares we have, we have mixed in a few fun ones like these superhero ones below.

Baby Prep Favourites



Our baby already owns so many teddies, I am obviously following the assumption that baby will like giraffes as much as me 😉

Baby Prep Favourites -

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Other awesome things we have picked up

Baby Prep Favourites -  Baby Prep Favourites -

Baby Prep Favourites - Baby Prep Favourites -

Crib, Changing Table, Gro-Egg and Changing Caddy

What essentials did you pick out for your baby prior to arrival? Were there any products you never used?

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