New Year, Journaling and Blogging

New Year, Journaling and Blogging -


Usually the New Year is just a great excuse for me to get all dressed up and try as many cocktails as possible, however, this year has been completely different for me. Being eight months pregnant definitely puts a stop to the cocktail tasting 😛

2018 is going to be such a big year for me, I will be turning 30 and two weeks later (or whenever baby wants to say hey) I will become a mum! Having recently moved back to the UK we are pretty much starting from scratch in trying to forge a life for ourselves and the upcoming new addition. So, the first few weeks of my New Year have been looking to the future and planning what I want to do with my life/where I want it to go.

As always, the first step for me in any planning process is my Bullet Journal…

Bullet Journal

If you haven’t heard of a Bullet Journal before, visit Bullet Journal to find out more information on how it all started. The Bullet Journal started as a fast journaling system, which has grown over the years as the ultimate way to journal/diary your life. The great thing about the bullet journal is that it allows flexibility for you to mould it to your requirements, and be as creative as you wish.

I started my Bullet Journal journey at the beginning of 2017, and it has evolved alot since then, with it quite often changing monthly as my needs change. I always start my journal with an Index so that I can quickly find what I’m looking for, this I fill in as I go along.

New Year, Journaling and Blogging -

New Year, Journaling and Blogging -

I, then find a Future Log quite helpful, in this, I can note down anything I need to do during the year and incorporate this into my monthly spread. As you can see I started this new journal in October, so my Future Log runs from October to September. I then follow this with a year view of birthdays, again, these will be put into my monthly spreads as I design them.


Monthly and weekly views

My Monthly Spread isn’t something I have always used, but overall I feel it really helps me look at what I have going on at a quick glance. Here I will pop in anything I need to do in January and allocate them as I have time. Here and throughout my weekly spreads I use the same symbols and have a flip out key at the back of my journal.

New Year, Journaling and Blogging -

My Weekly Spread is where I mostly flick to in my bullet journal, where I track my weekly to-do list, have a small journal section and anything important I need to do. I also track my daily steps, sleep and water intake. I find this perfect for an overview of my week and it helps me keep organised.

New Year, Journaling and Blogging -

New Year, Journaling and Blogging -


What else do I track each month?

At the end of each month, I have now incorporated a Money Log, with the baby coming me and my partner are becoming very aware of where and what we spend our money on. I find this Money Log makes me reconsider what I am spending money on, as I write down everything I spend. I also combine this with my Finance and Bills Spread I have towards the front of the journal – in which I track all my bills and ensure they are all paid on time.

New Year, Journaling and Blogging -

Something new I have integrated this month is a place for me to list any Instagram or blog ideas, along with a small calendar for me to plan when I will carry out my blog posts.


What else can you use your journal for?

Additional things I use my Bullet Journal for are to track T.V shows I’m watching, as I love crossing episodes off as I go along. I also have a list of books to read, I used to read alot of books, but have found that since being pregnant I tend to sleep rather than read. As I can’t see me having a great deal of time to read when the baby has arrived, I put this into a standard list in my journal, rather than having a monthly TBR as I was previously doing.

New Year, Journaling and Blogging -

The best thing about using the Bullet Journal formula is that it is entirely tailed for you and so if you find something doesn’t work, you just don’t add it into the following month – This is why I only put in a month at a time, rather than a few months, or even a year upfront.


Places to visit for inspiration

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#bulletjournalinspiration  #bulletjournalweekly

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Little Coffee Fox 2018 setup  < Pure goals


If you’ve followed me previously, you will know that my blog was primarily used for book reviews. As I am not reading as much as I used too I have decided to branch out and use this blog to share more of my life. This doesn’t mean there won’t be the odd review here and there, it just means that I would like a place to be able to look back on. My other interests outside books are makeup, food, travel, and fitness (when not pregnant), so I hope to share these with you going forward!

I am also in the process of giving my blog and social media attached a nice overhaul/new look to go with my new blogging plan.

Do you use Bullet Journaling? What do you choose to include or not include – what works and doesn’t work for you?

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3 responses to “New Year, Journaling and Blogging”

  1. miely__ Avatar

    There’s a lot of things I have not included. Not that I am not liking then but because I find it hard to do. Hahaha hope I can have more time in setting it up. If you will see my post about it. It’s quite disappointing because I missed to put some art on it. I like urs it is nice


    1. Fully booked for the weekend Avatar

      I love how yours looks, theres so much scope for amending it to your needs! So happy that you’ve joined the Bullet Journal family 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. miely__ Avatar

        Yeah it seems to be a family. I’ve seen a lot and everyone has their own style. Happy bujo-ing hehe


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