Chew, Volume 3 ‘Just Desserts’ | Graphic Novel Review

Series: Chew
Title: Just Desserts
Story by:
John Layman
Art by: Rob Guillory
Issues collected: #11-15
Genre: Crime
Publisher: Image Comics
Publishing Date: 2010

Diverse and LGBTQIA+

Tony Chu is a detective with a strange secret, as a Cibopath he can get physic impressions from whatever he eats. This helps make him an impressive detective, as long as he doesn’t mind taking a bite of a corpse for two!
Get ready to enter the fascinating world of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), full of bizarre food powers, sick crimes, and the aftermath of a bird pandemic that has outlawed chicken of all kinds.

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Just Desserts

Things are starting to go right for Tony! In volume 3 Just Desserts, Tony is finding his footing at the FDA along with his best friend partner, he has found love with Amelia, and he thinks he is getting closer to locating his ex-partner. However, all is not as it seems, his boss still hates him with a passion, Savoy is proving harder to catch than he anticipated, and a whole bunch of family drama to top it off!

This bloody instalment of Chew wastes no time in throwing Tony into murder investigations, undercover cases, and revisiting those that got away in International Flavor. After finishing this volume off with a fun Thanksgiving issue that is rudely interrupted by some firey writing in the sky, John Layman and Rob Guillory approach it with their usual gusto for anything wacky.

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