Chew, Volume 2 ‘International Flavor’ | Graphic Novel Review

Series: Chew
Title: International Flavor
Story by:
John Layman
Art by: Rob Guillory
Issues collected: #6-10
Genre: Crime
Publisher: Image Comics
Publishing Date: 2010

Diverse and LGBTQIA+

Tony Chu is a detective with a strange secret, as a Cibopath he can get physic impressions from whatever he eats. This helps make him an impressive detective, as long as he doesn’t mind taking a bite of a corpse for two!
Get ready to enter the fascinating world of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), full of bizarre food powers, sick crimes, and the aftermath of a bird pandemic that has outlawed chicken of all kinds.

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International Flavor

Volume two of Chew delves into the chicken ban further, as well as reuniting Tony and John at the FDA. International Flavor takes Tony to a small Western Pacific Island in search of a newly-discovered fruit, one which is rumoured to taste exactly like chicken when cooked. This paradise island is more than meets the eye though, with intrigue, secrets, and above all… murder!

International Flavor is full steam ahead introducing new characters, agencies, and story arcs that will play a significant part throughout the 12 volumes of Chew. We meet the U.S.D.A (United States Department of Agriculture), more of Chow Chu, love interest Amelia Mintz, the vampire, and most importantly of all, the introduction of POYO!

John Layman has a clear vision of Chew, and what it represents, and volume two is no exception. In just a handful of panels, he and Rob Guillory can create true intrigue that keeps you turning the page for the next revelation. The ‘paradise island’ panels to the action panels flow well, but are distinctly separate in their colours, allowing you to absorb the mood with ease.

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Abilities introduced in International Flavor

From thoughts and feelings, to music, to Shakespeare, Cibolocultors can communicate, translate, and interperate solely through cuisine.

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