13 Days of Horror | Day One | The Final Girls Support Group by Grady Hendrix

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Content warnings for: Gore, violence against women, graphic violence, sexual assault, animal cruelty mentions
Representation: Disability, LGBTQIA+

What happens to a final girl after she survives and the media has lost interest? Lynette is a real-life final girl who survived a massacre 22 years ago. She, along with five other final girl’s meet regularly in the Final Girl Support Group to help each other find a way to cope with life after the trauma.

Grady Hendrix is known for writing excellent horror-comedy, usually with a gory element. Still, I genuinely loved how he approached the question of how you move on and build a life after the very worst has happened to you. Each lady is written with care, looking at how they have adjusted to life and how they carry their trauma whilst dealing with their scars (both emotional and physical). I often complain about male authors writing women and how they usually just don’t hit the mark, however, this is the third Grady Hendrix book I had read, and he just does it so well I forget it is a male author. He refuses to fall into the bordering on offensive narratives that some authors do and creates characters you genuinely love.

Lynette is seen as the crazfinal girl, the one that always plots her escape routes has a go-bag ready at all times and changes up her routine often to stay safe. She has completely shut herself off from the world and everyone in it. When final girls are seemingly being pursued and ‘picked off’, Lynette is the first to scream conspiracy and try to find the link and who is to blame. However, if there’s one thing people don’t believe, it’s a crazfinal girl with unresolved trauma. Lynette is determined to get to the bottom of it and protect the rest of her final girls even if it kills her!

The Final Girl Support Group is a wonderful book full of gory action that keeps you guessing until the very end. It fantastically delves into how the media expects a final girl to be. I strongly recommend picking up The Final Girl Support Group and any Grady Hendrix book!

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