This year I have decided I will not buy fast fashion at all.
I will only buy second hand, unless I am buying from an ethically sourced company,
as such I have been spending alot of time in thrift shops.
I wanted to share a little round up of what I have picked up the last few weeks 🙂


I’ve had really good luck with a haul of comics that I picked up last week, they are all in fantastic condition and are comics I had on the want list – Bonus!

Me and my other half have been eyeing up both these titles (The Wicked and the Divine and Sweet Tooth) for a while, so were very pleased to see the first volumes for £3 and £3.50.#

I am quite a lover of Morning Glories, I already have the first volume, and many of the singles. So seeing the first six volumes was exciting, I repurchased the first volume as it is a signed copy, and for £3 each I would be an idiot not too! I really recommend this series!



Seriously, this little bag! It is so adorable, perfect for the hotter weather to throw in my phone and sunglasses.


What have you been thrifting?

Cover Photo from Pexels

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