Secret Life Ambitions

I’m going to share my super secret life ambitions with you today 🙂
If you can help make any of these come true, come and say Hi, or just share yours in the comments below!


I have always wanted to be an extra on Doctor Who, and now Death in Paradise! My other want is to have a line in Midsomer Murders – bonus points if I get to die!!


Book Box

I really enjoy receiving book subscription boxes, It’s so exciting to see what you are going to get. I would love to have my own book box one day, curating the perfect book and gifts to go alongside them!



I have dreamed for years to design my own crafting/ scrapbooking range, one hand made by myself. Millions of bonus points if it is sold in places such as Hobbycraft.



I have lost count of how many books I have started over the years – I started my first ‘proper’ book at age 15. I imagine writing a fantasy or sci-fi book as these are the books I admire the most.



The longest of all my life ambitions, and the least secret of them all, I would love to make money from my art. A goal would be to sell my own prints or combine with the above and write an illustrated book/comic.


Tell me yours in the comments below! ❤

Cover Photo from Pexels

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