Homemade Card Ideas

Tomorrow (Sunday 9th) is Christmas Card day, so if you haven’t already it might be a great excuse to get your card’s sorted!
Here are six super-fast designs you could put together in less than half an hour each – 
Or you could cheat and download the ones I’ve put together at the end of this guide 😉

Christmas Presents

Pick some pretty Christmas papers (I picked mine up from The Range and Poundland), cut out a few different shapes, and then try a few layouts until you find one you like.

Use thin washi paper, ribbon or craft butchers yarn to add some finishing touches to the presents.

Christmas Sketches

For this card, I picked and tested out a few Christmas icons, and then sketched them out in pencil. One happy with the placement I went over in some 0.3mm tip pens.

If I were creating a batch of these, I would replace some of the colour’s that didn’t blend onto the paper as well as others.

Washi Tape Tree

This design is one of the most simple ones, just get some nice washi tapes – the more Christmassy the better!
Simply stick rows down in the shape of a tree. This takes no time but looks so cute.

Santa Hat

All you need for this one is some red felt and cotton wool balls. This one is great to get the kids involved with!

String Lights

This is another fun one to do with the kids. Draw a pencil string along your card base, follow the line with different colour paint – either with a small paintbrush or little one’s fingers.

Then just simply you a fineliner or sharpie to draw the lights string on, I also used a touch of white paint onto the lights.

Christmas Trees

This is one of the more complicated Christmas cards, I grabbed a couple of different shades of green card and a tree hole punch. I then drew a line across the card and followed it, gluing the little trees as I went. I just stuck the shades down at random and didn’t worry too much about it. The final step was to write a Christmas greeting in the corner, next time I think I would print one off as I’m not overly happy with how it turned out.

Download your own

Download Baubles here 


Download Christmas Tree here 


Download Presents here 


Download Christmas here 

Are you making your own cards? Share them below or on Instagram.

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