Skin care routine -


So, I thought I would share my evening skin care products with you today. I always try to take care of my skin – although have been known to be lazy at times.

Here are some of my staples, I also have a few different products that I use when my skin is playing up. I have combination skin at the best of times, and my pregnancy hormones have been making it act up like crazy.

Step 1

This is an absolute godsend of a skin care product, the Conditioning eye make-up remover by Avon True Colour (here). This is not only gentle to use but leaves your eyes feeling so soft and conditioned. It not only removes eyeshadow and brow products easily but removes waterproof mascara without issue, leaving no residue!

Skin care routine -


Step 2

My next step is to use the Micellar oil-infused cleansing water by Garnier (here), which has fast become my favourite makeup remover, as I try to avoid using wipes unless I am traveling. This particular micellar cleansing water goes on soft, and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and nourished. Your skin doesn’t feel greasy, or like it is loaded with a product after using.

Skin care routine -

Step 3

After removing all my makeup I use the Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner by Thayers (here), I currently have the rose petal scent, but am planning on trying out the lavender next. I find that this brings out a nice natural glow from my skin and smells delicious!


Step 4

My fourth step is something that I mix up myself, I use an organic aloe vera gel like this one by Aloe Pura (here) and some argan oil, such as this one from Organix (here). I mix these at three-quarters aloe and one quarter argan oil, to ensure it isn’t too oily! I have used this mixture for years and swear by it for keeping my skin soft, smooth and youthful looking. If I decide to have a no makeup day, I will always put a layer of this on in the morning.

Skin care routine -


Step 5

I will now add products to the areas that need it. I tend to always have bags under my eyes – no matter how much sleep, or how hydrated I am. So each night I will use a refreshing eye roll on under the eyes, currently, I am really enjoying this Botanics all bright roll on by Boots (here) which really helps with the puffiness and ‘sunken’ look I can get below my eyes.

My new favourite was a present for Christmas, which has already become a staple of my evening routine. The eyebright soothing eye lotion by Liz Earle (here) is an absolute treat for my eyes. I will usually sweep them across my eyes before applying the eye roll on. My eyes feel so refreshed after, and it really helps tackle the dry skin I can quite often get on my eyelids.

Skin care routine -

Step 6

Step 6 may seem random for someone of my age, but I always sweep some anti-wrinkle serum like this one by Anew Clinical (here) onto my chest and neck.


Step 7

Last but not least, I will use a tea tree and witch hazel treatment on any blemishes I have, my current favourtie is this night treatment gel by Boots (here). I have had none stop spots since being pregnant (getting my teenage spots I missed out on :p ) and find this is amazing for soothing the area and it doesn’t dry out my skin like other ones I have tried.

Skin care routine -

My final touch is a lip scrub like this organic raw cane sugar scrub by Bimble (here) in salted caramel. This is perfect for getting rid of any dry skin I have on my lips which bothers me when I put lipstick on.

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