Chew, Volume 4 ‘Flambé’ | Graphic Novel Review

Series: Chew
Title: Taster’s Choice
Story by:
John Layman
Art by: Rob Guillory
Issues collected: #16-20
Genre: Crime
Publisher: Image Comics
Publishing Date: 2011

Diverse and LGBTQIA+

Tony Chu is a detective with a strange secret, as a Cibopath he can get physic impressions from whatever he eats. This helps make him an impressive detective, as long as he doesn’t mind taking a bite of a corpse for two!
Get ready to enter the fascinating world of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), full of bizarre food powers, sick crimes, and the aftermath of a bird pandemic that has outlawed chicken of all kinds.


Following the crazy ending of Volume 4, Flambé picks up more or less where we left off, with fire writing in the sky that no one can understand! In fact, everyone is so distracted by the writing that the anti-chicken laws start to lapse in the wake of what people are referring to as ‘the end of the world’.

This leaves Tony Chu in quite a conundrum, how does the FDA’s best agent continue when no one cares about the agency and its laws anymore? To make matters more confusing a new religious sect brings Tony into contact with an old acquaintance, and his daughter Olive gets dragged into a war he doesn’t know about. As the world goes crazy, alien lifeforms are discovered, and abilities are abused, there’s no rest for the wicked in Flambé.

Rob Guillory creates some truly beautiful panels showing the Cibopathic abilities at work, as well as having a great deal of fun with Poyo’s adventures (my absolute favourite character). While, John Layman writes some amazing storylines, some of which will not pay off for many volumes to come.

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Abilities introduced in Flambé

Voresophics have incredible intelligence… as long as they are eating.

Peter Pilaf’s abilities are never named, however, he can create mind control meals, create monsters from food, and reattach limbs using food.

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